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The cannellino is a real reminder of the flavors of the past, thanks to a technique of preparation handed down to the present day and remained preciously preserved and unchanged over time. Its particular essence of cinnamon made it the perfect rosolio to be served as a dessert liqueur or during an original aperitif.

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After selecting the finest cinnamon scented sticks to grind them twenty-four hours before the infusion. The product obtained is left to macerate naturally for more than a month. After a first filtration, it follows the mixing with the syrup composed of water and sugar. This is followed by a second filtration, after which the product is left to settle for a few months before bottling.

Color: Amber brown remembers, also in appearance, the velvety taste of cinnamon sticks.

Alcohol content: 28% vol.

Ingredients: Pure hydrated alcohol, sugar, cinnamon infusion.

Quantity: 500 ml

Manufacturer: Agrosan s.a.s. - Agnone Bagni - Augusta SR

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