<< E 'ready! At the table! >> Shouted the mother to the whole family to gather around the dinner table to eat and make merry! This is the reminder of the traditions that live mainly at the table where the Mediterranean cuisine and its products are protagonists together with the unique warmth of family conviviality. This is the tradition that we love and that we seek every day in the quality and authenticity of the products that we select, in an attempt to keep it alive, authentic and GOOD!
Sicily Corner is an online shop of typical products of our Sicily. We select only the most authentic flavors and renewed most interesting productions of the territory. The products are made with the best raw materials, largely from organic crops. A guarantee of goodness is the eperienza of suppliers that we use, active for years in the area of ​​agriculture and artisan food production. Let's talk about rituals and emotions that can still be revived, thanks to companies that have upgraded keeping alive the stories of the traditions, but above all product excellence, the quality of their work and the seriousness with which we know how to make the protagonists. We are next to these people in facing their daily challenges, to give confidence to their projects and to defend the quality of work and products. Creating synergies with you through direct dialogue, by putting in your table the best products that Sicily and our producers can offer.
SICILY CORNER is a project of SOLE E TERRA C.G. & C. | Credits