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A single sip contains all the warmth of the rich and fertile Sicilian land. The citrus aroma and the intense orange scent seduce the senses and the palate from the first taste, making this liqueur the undisputed protagonist of moments of encounter and relaxation.

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To guarantee an accurate selection of raw materials, traditional and manual processing is carried out both for washing and peeling the best organic oranges in Sicily. Once the peel has been obtained, it is infused in pure alcohol at 96 ° C and left to settle for a period of between seven and ten days. The filtered infusion is then mixed with a syrup of water and sugar to be again subjected to a second filtration step. The product thus obtained must decant again thirty days before being bottled for sale.

Color: Orange oranges recall the warm colors of southern Italy.

Alcohol content: 28% vol.

Ingredients: Pure hydrated alcohol, sugar, infusion of organic oranges peel.

Quantity: 500 ml

Manufacturer: Agrosan s.a.s. - Agnone Bagni - Augusta SR

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