Anchovy Fillets

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That to the anchovy it is an ancient fishing activity, which has its roots from the Egyptians to the Greeks from the Romans up to our days. In Sicily, anchovy fishing and its processing is a cultural tradition throughout the region.Their processing takes place on the day of fishing, put in olive oil
or they are placed under salt and deposited in a barrel where the maturation takes place.

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Anchovy fillets: gr 80
Net weight: gr 80
Packaging: Glass vase
Drained weight: 55%
Ingredients: Anchovies, sunflower oil, sea salt
TMC: 5 years from the date of production at temperatures not higher than 10 ° c, after opening keep refrigerated.
Company canning Fish: Il Faro- S.r.l Paul Cavataio - Sciacca AG. Sicily

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