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Copparella - Confettura extra of white peach of Leonforte

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Delicious, aromatic and fragrant, the Leonforte's late peaches are an authentic gem of Sicilian agriculture. The peaches of Pescare Bianche di Leonforte comes with a lighter color and a gentler and delicate flavor, made without the addition of pectin, preservatives or dyes, which make it unique in flavor, color and consistency.

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A Leonforte, to defend the production of peaches from insects, they insacchettano the fruits one by one on the shaft, avoiding, to resort to the use of chemical treatments and avoiding the presence of toxic residues in fruits. and 'this masterpiece that is made our peach jam. Sweet, aromatic and perfumed, the late Leonforte peaches are an authentic Sicilian and Italian agriculture jewel. The Agrirape company produces two different fishing preserves: of yellow peach and white peach. The jam yellow peaches is made entirely with the typical variety of Leonforte, painted during the period from September until the end of October and has a taste and a more determined and marked aroma. The white peach jam instead is slightly lighter and with a flavor more gentle and delicate.
Quantity:  280g
Manufactured by: Farm Agrirape, Leonforte, Enna

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