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Buzzonaglia of Tuna in tin

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Net Weight: 300g - sgocc. 200g
Name: Euthynnus Alletteratus
Ingredients: Tuna, olive oil, sea salt.
Storage: 4 years from date of manufacture.
After opening, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.
Manufacturing plant: Adelfio

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The tuna buzzonaglia is a less valuable than the tuna bottarga, lattume and the remaining parts, and the part of meat closer to the belly and under collar, then darker because more blood sprayed. In the past it was a dish typically seafaring. It is proposed combined with a tomato salad, maybe seasoned with good sweet onion, pepper, olive oil and plenty of lemon juice, to make it more digestible. Excellent also for the "PEPERONATA". You put them to cook in a pan of potatoes and peppers cut into strips, more abundant onion with capers and cherry tomatoes, almost cooked add the tuna buzzonaglia. Another pair is the "spaghetti carters", typical of the past, is to saute garlic-parsley--Oil-dried tomatoes, capers and chopped olives, finally buzzonaglia. All this stir-fry with noodles previously drained

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