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Honey of Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium)

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Honey from the nectar of Hedysarum coronarium, wild plant of all the countries of the Mediterranean basin. Italy is the only country where the plant is grown on significant surfaces.

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The honey of Sulla. It is typical of southern Italy and is characterized by:
Colour: Colorless to pale yellow when it is liquid, white to light beige when crystallized.
Taste: Very mild, not too sweet, with the presence of fruity notes.
Properties: Rich in vitamins A, B and C and trace elements. Excellent bowel regulator, detoxification of the liver, diuretic, tonic.
Uses: The delicate flavor lends itself to any use. Particularly suitable for sports, popular with children.
Quantity: -250g - 500g
Packaging: Glass Jar
Company: Privitera - Gravina di Catania

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