SCIABACCO Extra Virgin Olive

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Sciabacco it is the name of the lands where our centuries-old olive trees are cultivated. It is a term that in popular tradition recalls  the cries of witches repeated every Saturday night, which, between dances,
chants and intoxicating potions, they captivate young and curious.

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Extra virgin olive oil is an oil obtained from olives harvested only by hand, within the first week of october when the olive is still green, rigorously cold-processed. Our olive trees do not undergo chemical treatments of any kind and this guarantees an extreme genuineness of the product.
Variety: Moresca
Quantity: 500 ml
Oil taste: Medium-high fruity intensity with hint of artichoke
Oil taste: Delicate and spicy bitter with adequate intensity
Ingredients: 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil
Storage: In a cool and dry place, away from light, sources of heat and bad smells.
Pairings: It is an oil that finds its maximum expression used raw and on
preparations such as grilled meat, soups, well-structured salads and fish dishes.
Manufacturer: Az. Agricola Tumino Francesca - Mazzarone CT

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