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Fava Larga di Leonforte

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The broad bean large of Leonforte is a local variety in Sicily center of the Enna area. Characterized by the thickness both for the very particular taste, also for consistency and is little powdery.It can be consumed either fresh or dried. The production process is still entirely manual is a product from organic crops.

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The broad bean is grown in the territory of Leonforte and surrounding municipalities. Most of the transactions to its cultivation are still carried out manually: pretty much still the wide Leonforte bean is grown as in Roman times. Thanks to a centuries-old tradition, this special type of legume is capable of passing tastes and flavors that are lost in the mists of time. Large, slightly powdery and easy to cook, is an extremely versatile in the kitchen legume, as it can be used alone, simply boiled, but also as the main ingredient in soups and stews, as well as a sauce for pasta. To achieve the mythical "maccu" or the mashed beans, you must first remove the peel (we recommend to soak a few hours fava beans to soften and so remove ahead faster peel) and then mettre to cook the beans that after the cooking is flake alone divendando a "cream".
Quantity: 250g
Manufactured by: Farm Agrirape, Leonforte, Enna

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