Pasta e Ceci

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A package that Sicily Corner has selected for you producers of excellence and quality. Pasta and chickpeas is a very substantial and tasty first course that derives from the rural tradition and is suitable for cold winter months.

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Cavatelli of Ancient Sicilian Grain Organic Perciasacchi Antonio Augello company, pasta extruded in bronze
slow drying at low temperature i meet i Ceci Pascià products of the Agrirape company, they are a particular variety of chickpeas that come from central Sicily. They are extremely proteinic and rich in essential nutritive elements, all seasoned with the extra virgin olive oil "BABBAU" of company Lorenzo Pumilia, which is synonymous with lightness and quality. Its intense flavor and its pleasant taste makes all the dishes exquisite for its light and never sour taste with an intense aroma.
1 Cavatelli 500g AZ. Antonio Augello
1 Ceci Pascià AZ. Agrirape
1 Babbau Oil 0,75cl AZ. Lorenzo Pumilia

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