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Black Lentil

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Legumes have always been considered the interpreters of poor cooking, the rediscovery of the flavors of tradition bring us to know, and savor the black lentils originally from the Sicilian hinterland have a particular taste. It is also very rich in iron and mineral salts and has a particular taste, sweet and delicate.

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This lentil is a 'typical old varieties of the province of Enna, but after the war on its production has gradually diminished, due to the advent of new, more resistant crops, the most productive and mechanized. Throughout this time the black lentil risked seriously to disappear forever. Until 2002, when we decided to start cultivating black lentil and from there started the crusade to save this ancient varieties from extinction and today we managed to make it known in Italy and abroad. Medium in size, black as coal when they are raw, when cooked, take on a true and burnished look good. The nose fantastic undergrowth aromas with hints of lemon balm, sumptuous yet elegant. In the mouth rich taste but refined and unobtrusive, a rustic earthy sweetness and unique and special, excellent persistence, important aftertaste, incredible retronasal scents. The combination with dishes based on fish.
Packaging: 250g
Manufactured by: Farm Agrirape, Leonforte, Enna

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