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Honey Vinegar

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Honey vinegar is a type of vinegar that is obtained by the acetic fermentation of the hydromel. As hydromel is believed to be the oldest alcoholic beverage, honey vinegar is probably the oldest vinegar in the world. Appreciated for its delicate and fragrant flavor.

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It is suitable for all traditional uses, seasoning salads or sauces, fish or meat also on fruits and shellfish. Excellent balance between aroma and flavor. The Honey vinegar is a type of vinegar which is obtained by acetic fermentation of mead. It is considered the oldest alcoholic beverage mead, honey vinegar is probably the oldest vinegar in the world. The vinegar was in fact already known by the ancient Egyptians, as evidence an inscription found on an Egyptian vase used precisely to contain aceto.Di pleasantly acidic flavor, light and digestible, golden or dark color and very fragrant, vinegar honey is very rich in enzymes and minerals. He worked all raw, without the use of additives and preservatives so it keeps all the properties that tradition and science riconoscono.L'aceto the honey comes from plant materials, enriched by bees, and transformed through the alcoholic and acetic fermentation. The quality of a vinegar is directly proportionate to the quality of the raw material base and the production process and this honey vinegar is produced by our company through the natural alcoholic and acetic fermentation of their honey.
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Product: Cellars Privitera

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