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Shelled Almonds of Sicily

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Shelled Sicilian Almonds
Almonds are a very used in Sicilian cooking ingredient. both in sweet and salty

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Almonds are a widely used ingredient in many traditional cuisines in the Mediterranean, in particular in the Sicilian cuisine. Both in sweet and salty. They are collected by hand and with the rods in the August-September period and are used in the kitchen and in the bakery.

USE: In cooking, mainly used in the pastry to make marzipan, the Martorana fruit, nougat, the Cubbaita, Cassata, cookies with almonds, almond milk, almond granita and almond pudding. In confectionery, almond of Avola (cultivars Pizzuta of Avola) lends itself well to the confection confetti. Its oil is a component of cosmetic products.
Producer: Azienda Agricola Lorenzo Pumilia- Caltabellotta- AG- Sicilia

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