BIRRA "PANTIPA" 75cl pack of 6

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PantiPa IPA beer of which the main characteristics of this beer which is produced with high fermentation,
unlike the other craft beers, the IPA are characterized by being clearer, alcoholic and bitter and releases an intoxicating aroma of exotic fruit and citrus, grapefruit above all, due to the hops used that give it the dominant flavor.

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American IPA with a deep golden color, in the glass it creates a delicious persistent and creamy foam hat. Characterized by the massive use of American hops both in boiling and in Dry Hopping. The taste is full and enveloping with hops still in the leading role. The finish flows towards an elegant and pleasant bitter, present but never intrusive. The balance between the malty base and the generous hopping makes PANT IPA a well-structured beer, with exotic traits but easy and refreshing.
Ingredients: Desalinated sea water, barley malt, hops, yeast.
Type of beer: Clear
Color: Golden
Alcoholic strength: vol. 5.7
Serving temperature: 6/8 C
Zone: Sicily-Pantelleria Island
Producer: La Panteska Brewery - Pantelleria TP

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