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Flour of Ancient Grains Sicilian Bio "Percisacchi" it is yellow in color, thanks to the presence of carotenoids, with a fine particle size and contains many trace elements of wheat germ and bran. Excellent for bread making pizza and fresh pasta.

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3 Pack of Tumbled Flour Organic Perciasacchi

The Perciasacchi Bio flour from a nutritional point of view, it has its own characteristics of ancient grains. Perciasacchi flour has gluten of different quality, compared to modern grains for viscoelastic properties, a less elastic and less tenacious gluten that reduces the yield in terms of bread-making attitude, but at the same time it is less toxic for the human organism. It is a product grown in Sicily using organic farming methods. No fertilizers or chemical pesticides are used in respect of nature and our health, to guarantee a constant quality and high production standards.
Average nutritional values for 100gr             % AR Reference intake of an adult man
Energy: Kj 1450
              Kcal 348                                              % 17,30
Fats: 200g                                                        % 2.90
Saturated acids: 0'36 g                                    % 1.90
Carbohydrates: 67.00 g                                    % 24.50
Sugars: 4.00 g                                                  % 4.90
Protein: 11.40 g                                                % 22.80
Fibers: 6.5 g                                                     % 34.80
Sodium: 0.004 g                                                % 0.2
Quantity: 1 kg
Producer: Augello Antonio Agricultural Company - Castrofilippo - AG

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