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Salame di Troina - Black Pig Nebrodi

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Salame di Troina - Black Pig Nebrodi
animal species and breed: Swine - Black Pig Nebrodi
Provenance: Agricultural Holding Organic Farming "DONO" Nestled in the park Troina (EN) In the Natural Park Of the Nebrodi (Sicily)

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Processing mode: Handcrafted approved establishment (086018472200403v103064)
Presentation: raw sausage in natural casing, vacuum or not.
Seasoning: Not less than 40 days in
Ingredients: 70% of pig meat from Sicily and 30% of black Nebrodi pork, salt, black pepper in grains dextrose, natural flavors, preservative E 250 (sodium nitrite)
Features: Meat Color: Brick red, rosy fat, sapre and characteristic organoleptic fragrance
Certifications: Certified product by the consortium, black pig Nebrodi with traceable certificate
Recognition: The black pig Nebrodi is a slow food and the products of 'farm "Gift"
Modaltà of Storage: At a temperature: 4-10 ° C, the product is guaranteed for 360 days from date of manufacture

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