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The sweetness of the almond like the Mollese variety "Muddisa" It is an ancient Sicilian variety that needs a harvest and processing manual since the shell it is very tender, so much as to be called "table almond". It is rich in fiber, proteins, unsaturated fats and few carbohydrates. A rich and delicious cream with the flavor and delicacy of the best Sicilian almonds.  

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A rich and delicious cream, since it only contains 100% almond, is prepared with a delicate process, ideal for all recipes both in the kitchen and in the pastry shop.

Ingredients: 100% Almond
Variety: Mollese “Muddisa”
Production area: Licordia Eubea
Packaging: Glass jar

It is rich in fiber, proteins, unsaturated fats and few carbohydrates. They are also an indispensable source:

  *  of vitamin B1, necessary in the metabolism of carbohydrates and in the health of the nervous tissues
  *  of vitamin B2, essential for healthy skin
  *  of vitamin PP, involved in the synthesis of amino acids, fats and cholesterol
  *  of vitamin E, a very important antioxidant
  *  mineral salts: manganese, magnesium, calcium, copper, phosphorus and zinc
  * of fibers present in the peel.
  Nutritional values ​​(per 100g):

  *  Energy value 586KCal - 2451KJ
  *  Fat 50g, of which saturated 1.7g
  *  Carbohydrates 7.4g of which sugars 3.8g
  *  Protein 22.8g
  *  Fibers 13.2g
  *  Salt <0.01mg

      Directions for use:

  *  Substitute Animal butter
  *  Seasoning for pasta and risotto
  *  Spread on bread
  *  Prepared for cakes, biscuits and creams
  *  Flavors yogurt and "protein shakers".

Quantity: 200gr
Company: Tenute Azzaro di Giurfo - Licordia Eubea - CT

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