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Saffron Ericino is a very pure product, harvested and dried day to ensure the best organoleptic properties as well as our ancestors have handed down to us. Refined in its spicy taste, with an intense yellow color like the sun that gives it life.

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ZAFFERANO ERICINO is a spice that is obtained from the stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower,
a plant of the Iridaceae family. The true saffron plant grows up to 20-30 cm and gives up to four flowers, each with three intense crimson stigmas. The stems and the stigmas are collected and dried to be used mainly in the kitchen, as a condiment and colorant. Saffron, counted among the most expensive spices in the world.

Container: Glass jar

Quantity: 0,5 gr

Parameters                                               Limit

Amaricating power (picrocricin): 71.6               Min. 70

Coloring Power (Crocin): 205                          Min. 200

Odoroso (Safranale): 34.63                                   20-50

Humidity: 10.6                                               Max 12

Producer: Azienda Agricola Adragna - Trapani

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