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Precious Selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Terre di Zaccanello

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Extra virgin olive oil is the condiment par excellence of the Mediterranean diet, a good and healthy food that best represents the Sicilian food culture. Terre di Zaccanello extra virgin olive oils, three fantastic bottles of extra virgin olive oil for your pantry where the perfume and flavor reflect a 100% Sicilian product of superior quality.

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Terre di Zaccanello extra virgin olive oil is made from olives that are pressed a few hours after harvesting, so as to obtain a product with organoleptic characteristics of the highest quality.
Production area: Racalmuto
Cultivar Blend PGI: Nocellara del Belice (60%), Biancolilla (20%), Gioconda (20%)
Nocellara del Belice Cultivar: Nocellara del Belice 100%
Biancolilla Cultivar: 100% Biacolilla
Pressing: Cold extraction with a continuous cycle mill
Filtered: Yes
Packaging: 3 Bottles of 500 ml
Produced and packaged: Azienda Agricola Relais - Terre di Zaccanello - Racalmuto AG

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