Spirulina Algae Conchiglie

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Pasta produced with Antico Siciliano wheat Perciasacchi, fine flour coming from organic farming.
Bronze drawn to obtain a rough and porous surface, slow drying at low temperature for a consistency al dente.

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A pasta made with precious ancient grain flour Perciasacchi cultivated in Sicily with the methods of organic farming. No chemical fertilizer or pesticide has been used, respecting nature and our health, in order to guarantee a high production quality. The Perciasacchi, which is one of the "ancient Sicilian grains", was cultivated in our island already in ancient times. Saying the Perciasacchi that is the "Sicilian Kamut" is not appropriate and seems to diminish the true value of the Sicilian cultivar, which has a more solid and more remote history of Kamut.
Quantity: 500gr
Energy: KJ 1482 - Kcal 1350
Fats: 2,5gr
Saturated fatty acids: 0,5gr
Carbohydrates: 65.7gr
Sugars: 3.5gr
Fibers: 7.0gr
Protein: 13gr
Salt: 0.013gr
Iron: 280mg / 40% VNR
Magnesium: 3mg / 21% VNR
Zinc: 2mg / 20%
Company: Augello Antonio -Castrofilippo AG

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