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Sicilian Rice

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In Sicily rice he was always cultivated, and in enormous quantities, had indeed been a very widespread culture in Sicily until the age of 30. "The rice" Arborio di Sicilia "is a rice different from the others, more" dead "and for this probably more flavorful. A unique and Sicilian rice.

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Sicily, land of citrus, prickly pear, a land of wheat and legumes. Think of cultivating rice in Sicily may seem bizarre idea at least. But basically it is not so strange. At the bottom of the rice in the past in Sicily was a very widespread plant. We know for sure that the rice was introduced to Europe by the Arabs passing right from Sicily who was the very first area of ​​Europe where it was grown and where it enjoyed a long period of prosperity. On the other hand the swampy areas of Sicily (plain of Catania and Gela for example), provided the optimal environment for the development of this crop. E 'for this reason that a typical preparazioe like kumquat (or arancina) has become an integral part of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition. L 'Company Agrirape few years has thus decided to take the cultivation of rice in Sicily and is currently the only Sicilian company to cultivate rice. Albeit with some difficulty, is an experience that is bringing good results and beautiful satisfactions and today, for the first time in more than a century, you can enjoy a 100% Sicilian arancini.
Quantity: 1000g /500g
Manufactured by: Farm Agrirape, Leonforte, Enna

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