Oil EVO Monocultivar Nocellara del Belìce

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EVO oil, superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives of the Nocellarae del Belice variety,
extracted by cold working.

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The EVO oil Terre di Zaccanello Monocultivar Nocellara del Belice has a maximum acidity of 0.2% and is quite thick, with an emerald green color. The olfactory analysis is intense and very vegetal, with herbaceous and green tomato notes. When tasted it is balanced in bitter and spicy with a strong flavor.
Production area: Racalmuto, Sicily
Cultivar: Nocellara del Belice (100%)
Harvest: Early October by hand
Pressing: Cold extraction with a continuous cycle mill
Filtered: Yes
Packaging: 500 ml bottle
Produced and packaged by: Azienda Agricola Relais - Terre di Zaccanello - Racalmuto AG

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