Extra Jam with Figs Almonds and Chocolate

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All the goodness of Sicily enclosed in a jar. A very yummy jam where it is difficult to control your gluttonous momentum because you start to eat a small teaspoon ...no longer able to stop! Due to its consistency it is almost considered a dessert with a spoon superlative and because of its taste it is perfect if combined with aged cheeses.

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Extra jam of white figs, chocolate and almonds, excellence of Sicily.
The fig is a summer fruit an excellence of the Sicilian territory, very valuable that has ancient origins, appreciated both for their sweet and enveloping taste, but above all for its nutritional properties. Fresh figs are harvested and processed on the same day. to keep the properties intact and the taste of the fruit that are combined with Sicilian almonds and chocolate. In short, a jam that is destined to be eaten all in one go
Ingredients: White fig, almonds, chocolate, sugar, lemon
Natural - Only fruit, sugar, lemon and chocolate, without Pectin, neither colorings nor preservatives.
Gluten free
Packaging: Glass jar
Quantity: 230gr
Manufacturer: Artisan Company of Catanzaro Fabio

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