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Sicilian mead Nachè it is the result of the slow fermentation of water and precious Sicilian honey. A dry drink, not cloying sweetish, which makes it pleasant both to accompany the dishes both as a cold drink after a meal.

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The Greeks called it the drink par excellence of the Gods gathered on Olympus, a sacred drink because it was believed that honey it was a divine food gift of the Gods. The word mead itself from the Greek hydor and méli or water and honey tells us how the drink is made, or from the fermentation of honey and water.
Color: Intense golden yellow with topaz reflections.
Aroma: Ample, intense, rich and aromatic with honey, vegetable and herbaceous.
Taste: Sweet, full and soft, intensely aromatic, of honey, caramelized, slightly smoked.
Alcohol: 13.0% 13.5%
Serving temperature: As an aperitif 10 ° -12 ° C. Dessert 14° - 16°
Pairings: Excellent for marinating the meat to be cooked in the oven, excellent for blending the meat in the pan or with the barbecue, it goes well with cheeses and cured meats, excellent for confectionery or to accompany dried fruit.
Conservation: In no humid environments and away from light.
Packaging: Glass bottle
Quantity: 50cl
Manufacturer: Artisan Company I Miei Mieli by Claudio Meli - Trabia PA

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