Flour of durum wheat Sicilian Russello

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The wheat Russello is a variety ancient wheat cultivated once in Sicily. The ear of Russello it is tending
to the red, from which the name, and has a stem high, its flour, allow the production of pasta breads with great digestibility.

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Russello durum wheat flour is grown and processed in Sicily. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used respecting nature and our health. Russello is one of the oldest Sicilian durum wheat varieties and perhaps the best for gluten quantities and attitude to the bakery. This ancient grain now rare, it was much appreciated by the farmers for the quantity of straw produced. Regarding bread making, while presenting some rheological features which, flour it is used to make bread and pasta, according to the traditionally widespread technique in the province of Ragusa, the obtainable results are exceptional, both on the organoleptic and on the visual level.
Energetic Value: Kcal 354 / Kj
Protein: 12.8g
Carbohydrates: 68.3g
Fat: 1.62g
Fiber: 7.60g
Quantity: 1kg Package
Produced and packaged by: Mulino S. Giuseppe - Chiusa Sclafani PA

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