Carciofina - Violet Artichoke of Niscemi

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The Carcifina she is very loved and stands out, furthermore, with the gentle taste of the artichoke and the tender and tasty heart, which has a delicate and characteristic flavor. The Carciofina is a preserve typical of our region.

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This is a brand of warranty is of authenticity, of the raw material, carefully selected, it is grown in house and processed respecting the seasonality of the product through innovative procedures, respecting the environment. The products are 100% natural, in fact, there is no addition of preservatives or dyes, raw and vegan.
Typology: Niscemi's Violet Artichoke
Ingredients: Artichoke hearts, water, vinegar, salt, lemon juice.
Quantity: Net weight 200g - Gross weight 340g
Shelf life: 18 months
Produced by: Reina, Niscemi, Enna farm

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