Capuliato Tomato

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Type: Ciliegino - Pixel - Rapparino 
Ingredients: dried tomato cherry, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, basil.
Quantity: 100g
Manufactured by: Farm Reina, Enna

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The Capuliato is the chopped dried tomatoes. It 'a very tasty preparation and popular in Sicily. The product has a long shelf life: 18 months packaged sottovuoto.Il tomato harvest in the day is transported in the company, washed and hand cut into two halves held together by the skin: this procedure characteristic is aimed at highlighting the craftsmanship of prodotto.Il tomato is then laid out on the white net curtains, salted and then placed outside, exposed to the sun in a space designated for drying for a few days and constantly monitored by staff qualificato.Il dry product is then brushed with oil and EVO skilled hands is gently stretched and allungato.Questo process allows the product to regain its original shape and allows you to individually control their quality. Finally a basil leaf is placed between the two halves and the finished product is vacuum-packed in glass packaging.
Directions for use: The product is used for the preparation of the first most complex dishes, or as a topping for pizza and focaccia; and even as a tasty side dishes to meat and fish.

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