Tomato sauce Buttiglieddru with Pezzettoni

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Sicily land of tomato. The Buttiglieddru tomato is a typical Sicilian product rich in taste. It is a variety that is grown in the Agrigento area, in particular in the Licata area, that has long been forgotten and that has returned to cultivate and bring it to our tables

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In the Agrigento area there is a local typology the "Buttiglieddru di Licata" tomato. Buttiglieddru is an ancient variety of tomato, it is small in size, 10-20 gr., rounded elongated shape, bright red color and remarkable consistency very valid not only for shelf life, but also for the taste. The flavor is that of the past, very tasty. The name refers to the bottle, in fact this tomato was used to produce sauces and sauces, as well as being known for fresh consumption.
Ingredients: Buttiglieddru tomato 89% fresh basil, salt
Packaging: In glass
Quantity: 500ml
Produced by: Vincenzo Graci Licata - AG

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