Pate of Dried Tomatoes

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Dried tomato pate, cultivated in Sicily creamy and spreadable. Product artisan, and worked by hand. It is a condiment used to flavor pasta dishes or it can be used as a spread cream on canapes or bruschetta.

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The attention to the identity of the territory combined with the control of all the manufacturing processes and the authenticity of the ingredients, a reality that marries the ancient flavors of the land of Sicily. Excellent as a base for croutons, bruschetta, and also for stuffing sandwiches or as a seasoning for fish-based main courses.
Ingredients: 60% dry tomato, sunflower oil, oregano, mint, chilli pepper, garlic, wine vinegar, regulator of acidity: E330.
Packaging: Glass vase
Quantity: 180 g
Producer: Giovanni Cacciatore Agri-Food Company - Santo Stefano Quisquina (Ag)

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